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A Hero accepts challenges and obstacles to fuel them and make them stronger

Words from my mentor when I was young in my career:

"if you cannot lead yourself and believe in yourself

How can you lead others and have them believe in you?"

A leader is not a title or a position in a company

It is who you are every moment,

Leading, Living by example as a

Parent, a friend, a colleague.

We use Leader and Hero synonymously.

A Hero serves with humility (not from ego) with the strength of more than themselves.

A Hero is curious, grateful and loving.

A Hero's journey is filled with challenges and obstacles.

A Hero accepts with virtue, the challenges and obstacles to fuel them and make them stronger.

Our Hero's journey map is supported by a detailed framework.

With this in your hands, you too can be a Hero!

Message me to learn more about the Mindful Leader - Habit Ninja Mastermind Bootcamp or sign-up for the next.

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