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Vanesa S,

Personal Trainer

(Career change)

If there is one word I can think of when I think of Tony's help towards making my life changing job come true is ACCOUNTABILITY. He was the best person for it. He held me accountable and "in check" throughout my moments of self-doubt and hesitation. Tony has a great ear, very positive energy around him, oozes calmness and exudes passion for all he does. 
He helped me with advice, strategies and how to implement them. He encouraged me to have difficult conversations that I wouldn't have dared to have if he didn't challenge me on it. For it I am forever Thankful.



(Expand business)

Tony embodies his mission and values as a coach. Over the 6 months that we were paired up through the Women Innovator's Network (WIN), he supported me to VISUALIZE my goals in concrete and conceptual ways. He encouraged me to COMMIT to action plans that were achievable and realistic and gently redirected me back when I would get caught up in my vision. Drawing on my strengths, helped me follow-through on my plan to achieve my goals by keeping me accountable. I can confidently say that the fact that I was able to achieve a goal I set for the end of the year in 6 months was because of Tony's coaching.


Senior Project Manager,

(Career coaching)

Tony has the ability to listen and ask pertinent questions that unlock the hold that is keeping you from moving forward. He challenges your preconceptions of things and helps you to gain clarity from something that seems impossible. And he does it in a way that is kind and thoughtful and enthusiastic. You wins are his wins and he is genuinely excited about your road ahead. I know that I will be engaging Tony again down the road and I would recommend his services to anyone who is struggling with the challenges that come with a career and life. 

Stefano, Senior Accountant

(Balancing priorities)

Had the pleasure of meeting Tony during a summer co-op. Whether it is about time management, workload management, work-life balance, or just building good daily habits, I've been able to rely on Tony to sit down and have an insightful conversation. Through his vast experiences, Tony always has an example of what has/has not worked for any topic of discussion to really drive a point home. His willingness and care to help me as a young professional is one that brings me to continue reaching out whenever I have questions or need some guidance. I highly recommend speaking with Tony for any Business Coaching needs.

Melisa C, RHN

Founder of Nutrition Coaching

(Career change)

I didn’t have a clear understanding of my thought process surrounding my business and the limitations I was putting on myself. After only 3 sessions, I felt significantly more empowered and confident leading me to more open doors. I  recommend Tony to anyone looking for a coach to elevate positive mindset while helping to pave their road to success.

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