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Get energized & motivated!

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Do you want to feel more:

  • Energized?

  • Motivated?

Do you feel like a victim of the grind?

(run by someone else’s agenda)

Do you feel burnout & frustration?

We’ve been there, and We figured it out.

We’ve helped many like You

Transform from mediocrity to success!

We’ll help you figure out what you want and guide you to install a keystone habit

eliminate a kryptonite habit in 90 days.

Installing a habit can be like the snakes & ladders board game;

We’ll support you every step along the way to success.


"Terrific! Mind opening."

"A wealth of information and concepts."

"Fabulous program."

"Your passion is contagious"

"The course gave me an appreciation about the areas of my life that I was doing well in and the ones that I was neglecting. It changed my perspective on how I approached things and prompted me to take control of my life and career."

Act now and:

Take control

  • Feel more energized

  • Produce better quality work

  • Exude confidence

  • Pursue your passion project

  • Enrich your life

  • Increase your personal brand value, and that of your team, company, community

  • Become a role model

Do nothing and

  • Wither away, feeling unfulfilled

We help people actually install the habits they know they should be doing but have been avoiding.

Don't miss this opportunity!!

Join us September 2021 For the Habit Ninjas - Work / Life Balance Workshop

Register at:

Ron & Tony :)

The Habit Ninjas

© 2021 The Mindfulness Project

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