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Setting Big Goals: A mind shift change!

The Mindful Leader series: Setting Big Goals (mind shift change)

Are you excited about personal growth, setting positive habits, being impactful and creating new neural pathways?

Are you excited to become a better and more impactful You?

Learn (1) how to overcome the challenges people face in achieving their goals and be better leaders; (2) the stages and skills in becoming a better leader / a better You; and (3) how to apply the themes: energy, value, focus.

Check out this high energy live workshop video with Ron Vereggen and Tony Porfilio as they show you how in their new series The Mindful Leader.

For less than 1 cup of coffee per day: join Ron and Tony for a fully interactive mastermind workshops (2 Thursdays per month at 7pm EST) by registering at or message me directly and also get access to our portal filled with content.

Setting Big Goals (mind shift change):

Setting goals is imperative, if you don’t plan it will not happen.

Start small, build the muscle and achieve success.

Then set a big goal that stretches you.

In so doing, you will act differently, you will communicate differently.

It’s a mind shift change and the results are extraordinary!

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