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TEAM: Together, Empowered Awesomeness Multiplies!







When I first branded my company, I created the tag line:

"Success thru Leadership, Partnership and Collaboration"

I still espouse this and hold true today, and credit it to my successes.

Since then, I added:

"Embark new endeavors with imagination, energy, and adventurous spirit"

What I have learned throughout my career in managing many multi-disciplinary teams,

As the musician knows: the music happens in between the lines of a music bar, and so it is true here,

The magic is in the banter, debate and discourse of ideas and thoughts

Challenging each other to achieve a greater good and better value than initially thought possible.

As a Leader it is our responsibility to empower, encourage, and enable the team to thrive and together

Visualize - Commit - Follow-through.

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